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Are you one of these people . . ?


Hello, are you one of these people . . ? Collector? Gallerist? Curator? Critic? Successful Artist? No? Well . . . welcome to our show anyway.

Introducing the NEW (un)OFFICIAL ART SHOW ENTRY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM that just makes it so simple for everyone to navigate the complexities of the Art World. Using the SUCCESSFUL ARTISTS Art Show Badge System you need never again waste time wondering if the person you are talking to is really worth your valuable time.

Are you one of these people . . .? 2023. SUCCESSFUL ARTISTS allocate stickers to people entering a Private View who discover if they are somebody or not  and  a SUCCESSFUL ARTIST displays The Sticker System that makes the status of Art Show Private View vistors more readily visible.




Gumtliksgrumslik, 2023.
Installation view. The 6th Sense, Cookhouse Gallery, UAL Chelsea, London, 5 May 2023. Chewing gum, paint, video, luggage, salt.

The Meeting

The Meeting


The Meeting: City Centre 1. Parliament Square, London, UK. 1604 18 February 2023

Meeting place, stone planter, The Houses of Parliament, people, car horns, bells and whistles.



there are more than three times as many Eleanors at Oxford than we might expect, given the frequency of that first name among girls in the general population *

It turns out you should call your baby 'Eleanor'. This is absolutely true. When researchers called all the women at Oxford University to ask them for their names, almost all replied 'Eleanor'. Conversely, there are names you should avoid: women with these names have often never even visited the town, let alone attended the University.

Using the same metric we, a collective of artists who feel we deserve serious critical acclaim, undertook similar research into the defining feature of the artists that have achieved the highest levels of respect within the Art World. Without exception all have, at sometime or other, been referred to as 'Successful Artists'.

The conclusion is irrefutable.


We immediately named ourselves SUCCESSFUL ARTISTS.


The results have been startling.


Gregory Clark, 'Successful baby names – names at Oxford University', Socio-economic

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